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What is expected to AVOID a violation and a fine?

Many homeowners wonder what exactly is required to avoid receiving a violation letter from the association. Is there a secret list of crazy rules or nitpicky requirements? The good news is no, most everything is easy to comply with and we don't have a Cynthia. Below is a summary of the Exterior Maintenance guidelines requirements.


Mowing, edging and removal of weeds

Shrubs and trees trimmed

(tree limbs should hang no lower than 8 ft over the sidewalk and

12 ft over the street in accordance with city requirements)

Home Exterior

No peeling or faded paint or unpainted siding or trim

No mold or mildew

No rotted or damaged siding, trim, or brick

Gutters and downspouts well maintained

No cracked, broken, or missing glass

Garage doors, driveway, sidewalks, mailboxes in good repair

Fences and gates in good repair - no leaning fences, rotting wood, or missing boards

Basketball goals kept in good condition and upright

No other sports equipment, play structures (including swings), picnic tables, or grills kept in front of the home or in view of the street

No stored items, debris, or trash in view at any time other than waste pickup days

Trash cans must be stored out of view on non-pickup days

No window or similar air conditioning units visible from the street

No boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, campers, or commercial vehicles permitted in front of a home longer than 12 hours

No inoperable vehicles in view

Also, keep in mind when re-painting (even the same color), replacing a roof or fence, or any other home repair or improvement visible from the street, a Home Improvement Request must be submitted in advance of starting your project. This form allows us help owners make sure the improvement meets the association requirements and avoids costly re-work if the proposed improvements are a potential violation. Please allow time to receive an approval for any major change or improvements which could take as long as 45 days. In most cases, you will receive an answer within a week or two, and sometimes, particularly if circumstances require quicker action (like a leaking roof) in just a few days.


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