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Settlers Park/Settlers Grove Holiday Decoration Winners

In addition to the regular Yard of the Month season, Settlers Park/Settlers Grove also awards Holiday Yard of the Month to residences in December in each of the following categories:

  • Best Lights

  • Best Traditional

  • Best Whimsical


The SPHOA selected the winners of the holiday decorating contest which included individual homes. This month, the Settlers Park/Settlers Grove HOA Yard of the Month, Christmas Edition award celebrated those who went above and beyond in decorating their homes for the Christmas season. Richard and Bonnie who has lived at 3103 Mesquite Drive for over 15 years, Ms. Beth who lived at 3231 Pebble Lake for over 40 years and George and Gracie who lived at 3210 Bayou Crossing for over 10 years were recognized for their efforts in spreading Christmas cheer with lights and displays in their yard decorations.


Richard and Bonnie were awarded ‘SPHOA Best Use of Lights 2023.’ When asked what the vision was for this year’s theme Bonnie replied none really, however if you look closely, you can see the red, white, and blue which symbolizes patriotism. This is a tradition Richard and Bonnie started years ago when their children were younger and even though they are grown up and living on their own Bonnie smiling says her daughter especially looks forward to the lights at Christmas as well as her neighbors.


Remembering the reason for the season, Ms. Beth as she proudly displays on her license plate uses the same pride in decorating her yard for Christmas especially showcasing the “Happy Birth of Jesus a sign that reminds others the reason for the season this time of the year. She was awarded the ‘SPHOA Best Traditional award 2023.’ Ms. Beth enjoys decorating her home for all the holidays but especially Christmas. She is a cherished member of our neighborhood who enjoys spreading joy to others.


George and Gracie are huge fans of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and it goes without saying their yard is definitely a smaller version of Disney World. Although their yard is beautifully decorated, it has nothing on the video clip that I was able to enjoy from their personal space. The inside of their home is a Fairytale Land that brings Mickey and Minnie to life. When asked, why a Disney theme, both George and Gracie shared their love started from their daughter working at Disney. For them it is a family tradition that they hope will grow. They are the winners of the ‘SPHOA Best Whimsical display 2023.’


The awardees were given signs to post in their yard honoring their efforts, as well as gift certificates, as a “thank you” for keeping their property neat and festive. Congratulations Bonnie and Richard, Ms. Beth, and Gracie and George. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.






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