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2021 Director Election and Call for Nominations

The 2021 election of directors will be for 2 director openings. The terms for Bonnie Finnigan and Jill Quinn will end and be open for election. Bonnie will run for re-election while Jill will complete her time as a director. The board greatly appreciates her years of working with us.

Besides Bonnie's run for re-election, Mike Reichek, who has served a 1 year appointment as treasurer, will be running for election to the board in order to continue his service in that capacity. Additionally Elias Manolakos has nominated himself as a candidate. Information on our current directors and officers and the dates of their terms can be found under "About Us" and bios for each candidate will be included with the ballot.

Anyone interested in submitting a nomination for a candidate may do so via email no later than Friday, May 28th. Please include a brief bio to be included with the ballot. Final ballots will be emailed to owners on June 7th allowing just over 2 weeks for online voting. For those not interested in voting online, paper ballots will be available at the meeting on Thursday, June 24th at 7pm in the outdoor space between the clubhouse and tennis courts.

Following the election of 2 directors, the full board of directors will meet to vote for and appoint officer positions (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer).


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