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YotM Program Note - Thank You!

Settlers Park and Settlers Grove Curb Appeal Increases
Yard of the Month Program

A note from the chair of our YotM program, Claudia Shakespeare

I sincerely enjoyed driving around the neighborhood each month looking at the beautiful landscaping and flower gardens on display throughout the neighborhood. Congratulations to all the winners of the Yard of the Month (YOTM) for the months of July through September 2021. While we were only able to recognize and award a single winner each month there were other residents whose homes were nominated. To all of you job well done! I also want to make a special note to all our residents, as I drive around our neighborhood it is every evident that we are stepping up our game to becoming one of the nicest neighborhoods for our families to live and enjoy. The YOTM program is one way that the SPHOA continue to encourage our residents to invest in their property. Thank you.

The goal of the Yard of the Month (YOTM) program is to recognize individuals whose property exemplifies the vision of the SPHOA neighborhood – beautiful and electric. The YOTM season began April 1st and continued through September with 1 winner each month. This year due to weather we were off to a slow start but was able to recognize three winners. The yard chosen each month was awarded a gift certificate from either LOWES or Home Depot in the amount of $100 and the YOTM sign displayed in the winner’s yard for the month they were chosen. Honored mention is made in the SPHOA newsletter featuring the home with the sign displayed. Judging for the award is done by the SPHOA board members. As this season draws to a close let me remind our residents that there is a special edition YOTM in December.

December: The YOTM for December will be judged on the house with the best Christmas decorations. Theme, creativity, and originality in ornamental lighting and decorations will be considered as well as daylight and evening display as well. Residents will have an opportunity to win in one of three categories: Best traditional theme (nativity, reindeer, or Santa); Best use of lights, and Best whimsical theme (snowmen, penguins, etc.). Your participation will surely make our community a welcoming place to visit during the Holiday season.


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