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Yard of the Month: DECEMBER Edition - RESULTS

If you are one of the many individuals that enjoy touring the neighborhood looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights, 2021 was your year to enjoy.

This year an abundance of homes was decorated throughout the community. The SPHOA board members drove the entire neighborhood and selected the best-decorated homes for all three categories: 'Best Traditional with themes', 'Best use of Lights without themes', and 'Best Whimsical with themes.' This year's winners for each category are as follows:

Best Whimsical with themes, 3122 Winchester Way

Best Traditional with themes, 3127 Lazy Brook Drive, and

Best use of Lights without themes, 3602 Bartons Lane.

Special mention goes to Best Traditional runner up, 3231 Pebble Lake, Whimsical Runner up, 3223 Battle Ridge Lane and Best use of Lights runners up, 3214 Battle Ridge Lane, and 3103 Mesquite Drive.

I hope all of you had the opportunity to travel throughout our community to look at all the beautiful holiday decorations and took the time and enjoyed all the hard work our neighbors put in to make our community look festive and wonderful for the holidays.

We're looking forward to our Summer Yard of the Month selections as well as the return of our Christmas edition this December!

Happy New Year 2022


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