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Yard of the Month: DECEMBER Edition

Get those lights and decorations ready!

Yard of the Month honors for December will be awarded in each of 3 categories for the best Christmas decorations. Theme, creativity, originality, and design in ornamental lighting and decorations will be considered. Nominations and judging will take place between Dec. 13th - 16th.

Residents will have an opportunity to win in one of three categories: Best Traditional will be awarded for use of Nativity, Santa, or classic Christmas themes. Best Whimsical may include snowmen, penguins, or any non-classic fun. Best Lights will be any use of lights not character or theme related.

Winners will have a sign placed in their yard through Jan 1 and will receive a $100 home improvement gift card. Your participation will surely make our community beautifully festive and a welcoming place to visit during the Holiday season. And while there will only be one award per category everyone will be a winner! In a beautiful community, every resident gets braggin’ rights!


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