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Updated Community Entrance Landscaping

First impressions are everything. You know this in life and business and honestly, when it comes to your HOA property it should be no different. Just about every neighborhood has a community entrance. SPHOA happens to have three which gives some sense of the community to those who live there. Over time, no matter what shrubs or plants are used to decorate these entryways, eventually they start to show signs of wear and tear This can be caused by aging plants or shrubs or from the elements and will need some upgrading to keep the neighborhood looking neat and fresh but more importantly safe. The entryway at Austin Parkway and Mesquite has been needing a facelift for some time with its main concern being safety. So, with that in mind, the entryway now sports a new and fresh look. What people see as they drive by or when they first enter can make all the difference in the world. The HOA entryway landscaping is truly the gateway that sets the standards and expectations for the property as a whole. So, whether it’s attracting new residents or just helping to maintain the overall value of all the homes that make up your HOA, the landscaping around signs at a residential community does make a really big difference in how the community is perceived at large. Keep your eyes open, more improvements are being worked on.


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