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May 2023 YotM Winner

Congratulations! The Settlers Park/Grove Yard of the Month (YOTM) winner for May 2023 is Barbara Lashari, seen standing above on the front lawn of her home on East Rangecrest Drive. She is no stranger to winning. After awarding her, her YOTM gift I was convinced she would make sacrifices each month to be declared a winner. Miss Barbara stated, “She wants to be an example for the community and hopes by maintaining her yard would encourage other neighbors to do the same. She believes the neighborhood needs this positive encouragement. Most importantly she involves her grandchildren in her process in hopes that what she does will influence them positively and encourages responsibility and accountability. She also believes her actions will be instrumental in helping to change someone’s life in a very positive way. Miss Babar further mentioned that over time she has noticed other homeowners new and old are starting to take pride in their yards. It is important that owners realize the need to create and maintain landscapes other than thirsty lawns. Her hard work not only in her front yard paid off this month, as she took the first award for the season.

She received a gift card from Home Depot for $100, a congratulatory card from the SPHOA Board, and the SPHOA YOTM winners sign displayed in her yard for one month. Her enthusiasm and passion were evident and on display throughout her landscape and beautifully manicured lawn. It is evident to see how she could easily be a back-to-back seasonal YOTM winner.


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