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I Received a Violation Letter, what should I do?

If you've received a violation letter, please don't ignore it. Letters are sent, intended as a courtesy reminder when we've let something go (or just haven't noticed it) that is in violation of our Exterior Maintenance Guidelines which set expectations for upkeep of our community. Ignoring these letters can result in fines and legal action which can quickly become costly for the homeowner.

If you’ve received a letter, our manager (or a neighbor who reported it) observed a violation and the letter should state what was observed. If this is your first notice, the letter gives you 30 days to resolve the issue that's indicated (10 days for mowing a yard). If you take care of the issue, there is nothing else that needs to be done and our community will look all the better thanks to your efforts.

If you are unable to take care of the issue, due to extenuating circumstances and need more than 30 days to address it, please email our community manager, Clint Seay at, and communicate your circumstances and specify how much time is needed to address the violation. If the request is reasonable, Clint can work with you on that timeframe. If more time is needed than our usual extension, Clint can ask the board to review and approve a longer extension (for instance if a fence has to be completely replaced or other major repair is needed).

If the issue is not resolved after 30 days from the first letter and there has been no communication, a second reminder will be sent. In this reminder the owner will be made aware that failure to address the issue and/or communicate a need for more time will result in a fine.

After 30 days from the second notice if there is still no action or communication the owner will be fined $50 and given another 30 days to resolve the issue. After that time, and each successive 30 day period the violation remains, an additional $100 fine will continue to be assessed to the owner until the issue is cured.

So, back to the original question, what should you do? Work with us and resolve the issue or communicate any extenuating circumstances as soon as you get the letter to avoid any penalty or escalation. As a side note, we are often asked by owners who have received a violation letter why we aren't addressing violations of others around them. The short answer is we are addressing them all. However as you see above, those letters are only as good as we all are in responding to them.

We all want to live in a nice home in a great neighborhood, but we have to work together in maintaining all of our properties in order to have that community we all want. Thanks in advance for your help!


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