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Be a Good Neighbor: Keep Trees Properly Trimmed

We are well into hurricane season and on the front edge of fall winds. It is very important that residents take the time to check their trees for rotting, aging, or low hanging limbs to avoid damages to their homes and possibly those of their neighbors. Additionally, city codes require that tree limbs be no lower than 8 feet above sidewalks and 12 feet above streets.

Please take time to check all trees in and around your house for any limbs or clearances that need to be addressed – including limbs that extend into neighboring yards. Remove those limbs if you are able, hire a tree trimming company, or reach out to neighbors on Nextdoor if you’re unable to handle it on your own. Neighbors are often willing to help out since it helps protect their property as well.

If you have a dead or dying tree (like many of the aging Bradford Pears) it is important to remove them from your property before a storm or wind comes. Please be proactive in protecting our community and its residents whenever possible.

More information on tree trimming published by the City of Sugar Land is available HERE


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