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August 2023 YotM Winner

Congratulations to Anne Daniel the recipient of Yard of the Month for August 2023 for Settlers Park/Grove Community. She was awarded a $100 gift card from Home Depot and the YOTM Sign displayed in her yard. Her why is very simple. Anne finds joy in maintaining her yard and these days she is more excited to do so in honor of her late husband. Her countenance lights up when she shared the reason she maintains her garden and a beautiful yard. First, it is in honor of her husband who had a love for gardening and believed in maintaining a beautiful yard and garden. Now his legacy continues and lives on through Anne. She explained, being from the Caribbean she always had a love of flowers. Flowers signify life, beauty, serenity, joy, and nature she shared. However, most importantly she wants to be an example in her community by doing her part to make the community a beautiful place to live and raise families. Anne also hope every resident would be willing to do their part as well. In addition, maintaining her yard not only beautifies her home but also honors her late husband. May he continue to rest in eternal peace!


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